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Hi, I'm Michelle!


Founder of Michelle Pillepich Nutrition


Here's a bit about me: 

Hi!  I’m Michelle Pillepich MPH, RD, CPT a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer helping people break free from food rules and learn to fuel their best lives. 

I approach health and nutrition from a holistic and intuitive perspective. I specialize in helping clients who struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating, or who want to work on improving their health and relationship with food from an Intuitive Eating lens.

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with my Masters in Public Health with RD training. Since starting out as an RD I have worked in various settings ranging from residential centers to outpatient.  I have learned what really helps people heal their relationship with food.  

If you’re ready to take a sustainable approach to your health with no diets and no rules, just facts and plenty of fun along the way, check out my services below!

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Group Coaching Program

Join the Simply Intuitive Program to work on health and intuitive wellness with  community support and a self paced course.


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Individual Nutrition Coaching


Work with Michelle 1-1 on your nutrition and health goals.


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